The Best Tips to Attaining Whiter Teeth

July 20, 2020
Best tips for Whiter teeth

What You Eat is Significant

Restrict your consumption of staining foods like berries, balsamic vinegar, hard candy, and tomato sauce. Moreover, avoid beverages such as sports drink, coffee, tea, and wine. To avoid the stain-causing dyes of the drinks, use a straw to protect your teeth.

The Food You Eat Damages Your Teeth

Lessen your intake of colored foods as this will cause your teeth to tarnish. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables with fibber. Here are examples: blackberries, coconuts, avocados, Asian pears, peas, figs, okra, acorns, chickpeas, lentils, Brussel sprouts, almonds, flaxseeds, split peas, lima beans, quinoa, chia seeds, and black beans. We also recommend drinking freshly squeezed citrus juices. Some popular citrus fruits are blood oranges, sweet oranges, navel, and kumquat. These fruits have potent fruit acid which might damage the enamel. After drinking these juices, make sure to brush your teeth. Bacteria in the mouth from sugar or acidic foods and drinks might cause tooth decay. This can damage and dissolve the teeth. Sugary beverages can also cause tooth decay. Dark chocolates, however, are less detrimental for your teeth. Dark chocolates are made of cacao beans that fight against bacteria on the teeth. Hard cheese also provides the same effect. Hard cheese is proven to have high calcium that strengthens the teeth. Another suggestion is eating spicy foods, which protects against bacteria and induces saliva. Saliva cleans up the food residues in the mouth as well as fight bacteria.

Brush Often.

Make brushing your teeth twice a day an fundamental and regular part of your day, as important as eating. Brush your teeth twice a day* to maintain fresh breath and prevent bacteria from building up. Without brushing, plaque will increase on the teeth, which can lead to gum diseases like gingivitis. Brushing your teeth regularly and using the right toothpaste will ensure healthy and white teeth. Moreover, using Whitening Evo Toothpaste from Brilliant Smile Swden will protect the teeth from sensitivity, cavities, and plaque. Make brushing your teeth regularly a habit as this can avert complicated illnesses.

*Brush at night to maintain your teeth’s health. In the morning, brush your teeth to save your friendships from bad breath.


The “Proper” Way  to Clean Your Teeth

The way to brush your teeth correctly is to brush for at least two minutes*. Do not brush your teeth too forcefully as this might damage the enamel. Instead, gently place your toothbrush in a 45-degree angle. Make short tooth-wide strokes by moving the brush gently back and forth. Start with the outer surfaces to the inner areas then to the teeth’s chewing surfaces. Remember to use water to wash your mouth after brushing and then use the Brilliant Smile mouthwash. Another suggestion is to use dental floss once a day for a good oral hygiene routine.

*Using toothpaste will gently erase teeth stains, and flossing will rid bacteria that might cause plaque buildup.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda contains essential whitening ingredients. This is a mild abrasive, which scrubs teeth stains away. Nevertheless, we do not recommend using baking soda often as this harma the teeth. Use baking soda once a week within one month. Make sure to use baking soda with toothpaste or mix two teaspoons of water with a small amount of baking soda.

Try a Whitening Kit or Whitening Session at The Smile Bar Malaysia

As listed above, there are many ways to whiten your teeth. What you have to decide is which product to use among countless other teeth-whitening products. Safety should be your top priority. At Brilliant Smile, our products are globally used and proven safe. The Whitening Evo Strips contain an inventive, new formula that eliminates the deepest stains on the enamel without any damage. The WhiteningEVO Strips can be used for one to two hours a day, according to your preference to whiten your teeth. For the best results, we recommend brushing your teeth with the WhiteningBOOST Toothpaste every day.

Above All, Maintain a Balanced Regimen

Our body ingests calcium by synthesizing Vitamin D. Therefore, to attain white teeth, don’t forget to look after for your body by smiling often and eating healthy foods*.

*Be kind to your teeth, and they will be kind to you!



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