How Many Times Should You Whiten Your Teeth? The Definitive Guide

June 6, 2020

You’ve finally accomplished it! You have a shining and white smile. It looks much better than before. However, now comes a very frequent doubt… how long will it last?

When will I need to whiten my teeth again?

Many of our clients at The Smile Bar come up to us with this question, and therefore, we’ve decided to answer it properly in this article.

Straight to the Point: How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth?

When your teeth come back to their original shade, you will have to undergo the treatment again. Since we provide you with a comparison of your teeth now versus your teeth before, you’ll easily guide yourself with it.

As simple as that.

However, if you want a range, then most people need to undergo a simple touch up every 3-4 months. Quick fixes that will allow your teeth to remain white and shining.

To help you sustain the results for the long term, apply our expert tips that you will find below.

The 4 Secrets to Make Your Teeth Whitening Results Last Longer

We are going to disclose secrets that most teeth whitening studios would never reveal to you. Now, come with us to discover they all!

Secret #1: Focus on the Quality of the Treatment

How can you identify a high-quality treatment? It starts with the reputation of the studio and the results they have delivered. Furthermore, a complete step-by-step procedure like ours will speak a lot about the quality:

  1. Orientation: To let you know the current shade of your teeth
  2. Prior to Whitening: To get you ready for the main procedure
  3. Whitening Process: The time to whiten your teeth by using our exclusive UV-free LED Plasma Light + BRILLIANTSMILE™ Sweden’s Exclusive Whitening Gel during 20 minutes
  4. Post Whitening Process: To compare the new color of your teeth and bring you with excellent tips to sustain the results for the long term (> 6 months)

Quality comes first. By undergoing our treatment, you will only need maintenance every 1-2 years. Your investment will go a long way, along with your beautiful, shining smile.

Secret #2: Use the Right Maintenance

Let us go straight to the point. If you want to sustain the results, you need to bring your teeth a proper maintenance. Fortunately, we have the products that can deliver the results:

Use them every day and you will keep a shining and beautiful smile for several months to come!

Secret #3: Cultivate the Right Habits

If you want to keep your teeth white and beautiful, you need to cultivate the right habits. Below, find all the details:

  1. Quit Smoking: Smoking not only damages your lungs but also your teeth. According to this study, it’s a leading cause of tooth discoloration and discoloration. Not good. Therefore, you must discard it
  2. Brush Your Teeth Correctly: To remove the residues and brush off stains that can build up and cause discoloration. Do it after every meal and in circular motions
  3. Start Flossing Your Teeth: Be it with regular tooth floss or waterpiking, make sure to do it directly after brushing, to ensure that your mouth is 100% clean
  4. Discard Mouth Breathing: It leads to plaque buildup, and consequently, discoloration and tooth decay. It makes your teeth catch dirty and other impurities, which ultimately, lead to dental problems.

Put these habits in practice and you will preserve the results for the long term!

Secret #4: Improve Your Diet

Lastly but not least important, make sure to make these dietary changes:

  • Reduce the Sugar: Limit it to a maximum of 30 grams per day
  • Nutrient Dense Foods are the Way to Go: You’ll keep your body nurtured and your teeth white and strong. Consume yogurt, milk, eggs, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables regularly
  • Detergent Foods for the Win: They’ll help you to clean your teeth thanks to their ability to boost saliva production. The best examples are celery, apples, carrots and popcorn
  • Reduce Problematic Drinks: Limit your intake of wine, grape juice and coffee

Introduce these simple fixes and you shall see amazing results.


Now you have everything that’s necessary to keep your teeth in excellent state. If you have any question, let us know in the comments.

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