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Best tips for Whiter teeth
20 Jul
The Best Tips to Attaining Whiter Teeth
Restrict your consumption of staining foods like berries, balsamic vinegar, hard candy, and tomato sauce. Moreover, avoid beverages such as sports drink, coffee, tea, and wine. To avoid the stain-causing...
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A Guide to Handling Teeth Sensitivity
17 Jul
Toughening Your Teeth: A Guide to Handling Sensitivity
Has your teeth ever felt a “shocking” feeling or a tingling pain as you eat ice cream? How about when you gobble down steaming pieces of chocolate cookies from the oven? This sensation may also arise...
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14 Jul
The Complete Guide to Use Mouthwash Correctly and Avoid Risks
Improve your oral hygiene by using mouthwash regularly to remove bad breath and kill bacteria. There are several misunderstandings about mouthwash. The Smile Bar wishes to share more about the benefits...
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06 Jun
How Many Times Should You Whiten Your Teeth? The Definitive Guide
You’ve finally accomplished it! You have a shining and white smile. It looks much better than before. However, now comes a very frequent doubt… how long will it last? When will I need to whiten...
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27 Apr
At Home or In-Store Teeth Whitening: What Is The Best Method?
When it comes to teeth whitening, you can choose between at-home treatments that you can do on your own, or in-store treatments, where you have to sit down while a professional whiten your teeth. The...
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30 Mar
What Are The Causes of Teeth Staining? All the Answers You Wanted
Teeth staining comes in two types: extrinsic and intrinsic. To summarize it, here is the explanation: Extrinsic: Hides the natural color of your teeth Intrinsic:...
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28 Feb
Top 9 Teeth Whitening Hacks that You Can Do at Home: Fast Results
If you are here, then you want to discover how to have a whiter, brighter smile. You are not alone, because 1,000,000s of people are looking for the same as you, but you have already found the answer by...
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